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Podiatric Surgery

    Your feet are the indicators of your overall health. Healthy feet keep you moving and active. At LaproPod, Our mission is to provide comprehensive foot and ankle care in all aspects of diabetic lower limb surgical problems and foot deformities for individuals of all ages. Our treatment protocols are all tailored to each patient’s condition. We follow an integrated team approach which is important in the proper management of diabetic lower limb problems. We partner with patients by explaining their condition and treatment options and creating comprehensive, collaborative treatment plans tailored to their lifestyles.

Diabetic Foot Care

    If you have diabetes, We recommend that you come in for a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation. We will use the latest technology to test and assess the circulation to your feet. Once the evaluation is complete, a treatment plan will be designed specifically for you. Diabetics are prone to poor circulation and impaired nerve function in their feet. Due to poor circulation or lack of sensation, diabetic feet are more susceptible to developing sores, and non-healing wounds which may lead to ulcers. These wounds can also develop into serious infections which can lead to amputations, loss of limbs, and even loss of life. Impaired nerve functions can manifest with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy like pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensation in your feet.

Ulcers and Wound Care

    Open wound increases the chances of infection. If you have a non-healing wound on your lower extremity, it is essential that you act to get it healed as quickly as possible to prevent infection and further complications. If you have diabetes, you are especially at risk for complications. The sooner a wound is treated the greater the patient's chances of healing. Once the wounds are healed, patients are regularly followed up to help avoid future problems.

Preventive Podiatry

    Customized footwear is clinically proven to treat a wide variety of problems including ankle pain, foot pain, and ulcer healing. If you're a diabetic or have a non-healing wound on your foot, ankle, or leg, we can provide you with the care you'll need to minimize possible complications.

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